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ACTIVE vs. INACTIVE inventory

When you log-in to your account and select “work with my consigned items” for the first time since the last sale, there will be no inventory listed there. This is because all of your remaining inventory from the last sale has been moved to “INACTIVE” status.

If you are planning on bringing some of your INACTIVE inventory to the upcoming sale, simply choose “work with inactive inventory” and you will be able to move those items into your “ACTIVE” inventory.

“ACTIVE” inventory should be ONLY those items that you are bringing to the current (upcoming) sale.

“INACTIVE” inventory will be all other items – items that you are not bringing to the current (upcoming) sale, but you want them to remain in your inventory for future sales. (For example, your “INACTIVE” inventory would include unsold clothing from the FALL sale that you will not be bringing to the upcoming SPRING sale, but that you intend to hold on to for the next FALL sale.)

Note that when you “work with my consigned items”, you are only working with your “ACTIVE” inventory. Conversely, when you “work with inactive inventory”, you are only working with your “INACTIVE” inventory.

Only inventory that is designated as “ACTIVE” can be edited and/or have tags printed.

IMPORTANT: All items that you are bringing to the upcoming sale MUST be entered in (or moved to) your “ACTIVE” inventory.


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