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What can I sell?
We accept BABY, KIDS & TWEEN related items.
All items must be clean and in good to excellent working condition.

For the HOLIDAY TOY SALE we WILL accept:





CD’s & DVD’s (no vhs)

FURNITURE ITEMS: Kids’ tables/chairs/desks, toddler beds, rocking chairs/gliders

ROOM DECOR: Lamps, frames, clocks, sleeping bags, small blankets & pillows, small ‘accent’ rugs, wall art, crib/toddler/twin bedding sets, comforters, sheet sets, curtains, picture frames, jewelry boxes, etc.

‘LARGE’ BABY GEAR: Exersaucers, Jumperoos, Pack ‘n plays, High chairs, Swings, Bouncy seats, Bumbo seats, Strollers.

HOLIDAY DRESSY CLOTHING: (GIRLS: Dressy clothing, party dresses, velvet/taffeta etc.)  (BOYS: Dress pants, button-down shirts, sweaters & sweater vests, (no polo shirts))

HOLIDAY DRESSY SHOES: (GIRLS: flats, heels, boots. Winter colors only (no white))  (BOYS: Dress shoes only (no tennis shoes))

HOLIDAY DRESSY ACCESSORIES: (GIRLS: tights, jewelry, purses, hair bows, etc.) (BOYS: ties, belts, dress socks etc.)

WINTER OUTERWEAR: Winter coats, hats, scarves, gloves/mittens, snow boots

CHRISTMAS-THEMED CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES: Example: a shirt, bib, socks etc. with Rudolph or Santa on it.

CHRISTMAS THEMED DECORATIONS: Ornaments, lights, wreaths, decor, crafts/craft supplies etc.

*** NEW IN 2013:
MENS & WOMENS OUTERWEAR: Winter coats, hats, scarves, gloves/mittens, boots

*** NEW IN 2013:
MENS & WOMENS CHRISTMAS-THEMED CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES: Example a shirt, tie, socks etc. with Santa or Snowman theme on it.

* All items will be checked at drop-off before the consignor leaves.
We reserve the right to be selective regarding what is accepted into the sale.

What CAN’T I sell?

* All items will be checked at drop-off before the consignor leaves.
We reserve the right to be selective regarding what is accepted into the sale.

For the HOLIDAY TOY SALE we will NOT be accepting:

MOST CLOTHING: (exception: holiday-dressy, Christmas theme, winter outerwear (see above))

BABY GEAR: No potties, bath tubs, mattresses, crib/toddler bedding, slings, diaper bags, layette items (bibs, recv’g blankets, diapers, bottles, etc), boppy pillows, breast pumps, monitors, etc) (Baby Gear items we WILL accept, are listed above.)


ITEMS THAT HAVE EXCESSIVE WEAR, ARE DAMAGED OR ARE MISSING INTEGRAL PARTS, ETC.(items should be ‘new’, ‘like-new’ or in ‘excellent-used-condition’ only)



How many items can I sell?
The minimum number of items required per consignor is 10 items.
The maximum number of items allowed per consignor is 300 items.

Help! How should I price my item(s)?
All CLOTHING items must have a minimum price of $2.00. (You may hang or bundle more than one item together to get to the $2.00 minimum if necessary.)
All OTHER ITEMS must have a minimum price of $1.00.  Price in whole-dollar increments only (for example, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00 $5.00)

For suggestions on how to price your items, visit our ‘Pricing Guide‘.

What clothing sizes can I sell?
Girls clothing size 0 – 16 and Boys clothing size 0 – 20.

What type of clothing condition do you accept?
All clothing must be freshly laundered, clean, of a current style and free of the following: rips, tears or stains of any size, fading, broken zippers, missing buttons, excessive wear, pilling, wear at knee or hem of pants/jeans, and cracked “iron-on” type pictures or graphics on shirts.

Be scrupulous in what you take the time to clean, hang, package and tag. Please bring only your best and pass the rest on to someone who can use it. There are many charities struggling for donations right now that would be so grateful for your items that are not appropriate for this sale.

Is there a limit to how much clothing I can bring?

There is no limit on how much clothing you may bring, as long as you stay within the following TOTAL item limits:

The minimum number of items required per consignor is 10 items.
The maximum number of items allowed per consignor is 300 items.

How many pair of shoes can I bring?
Each Consignor may bring 10 pair of previously-worn Girls shoes + 10 pair of previously-worn Boys shoes. In addition, each Consignor may bring any number of NEW shoes that have NEVER BEEN WORN.

Can I sell Maternity clothing?
We do not accept Maternity clothing at our Kids’ sales (save it for our Adult sale!)

Are there any other items I can not sell?
We do not accept VHS tapes, car seats, car seat bases, drop-side cribs (unless manufactured after June 28, 2011) or any item that has been recalled by the CPSC.

How do I know if an item has been ‘recalled’ by the CPSC?
We can not accept for sale any items that have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Seller’s are responsible for making sure their items are not on the recall list and/or are not considered unsafe. Check the CPSC web site for info on the items you are bringing to the sale.

What about items that require batteries to work?
All items requiring batteries must have working batteries installed. (You can find these inexpensively at dollar-stores.)

Can I send someone in my place to drop-off and/or pick-up my items?
Yes, no problem. Anyone can bring your items to your drop-off appointment.
If you send someone to pick-up your ‘un-sold’ items, please be sure they are aware that they will need to find your unsold clothing on the clothing racks and your unsold ‘other’ items on the tables. Items will not be sorted out by consignor number.

I already have a consignor number from selling in previous Stork Lady Kids sales – should I register for a NEW consignor number?
No, if you have an EXISTING consignor number from participating in our KIDS’ sale, register for the HOLIDAY & TOY sale using that consignor number. This will allow you to transfer any ‘inactive’ unsold toy items into ‘active’ inventory’.  (Note: Do NOT use an existing ADULTS sale consignor number.)

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