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SPRING 2017:

Tagging Instructions:

Via our online tagging system, you will log-in to your consignor account and enter your tag information (description, price, donate yes/no, etc).

The system will generate tags for you to print (on white cardstock), which you will then cut out and attach to your items.

The ONLINE TAGGING SYSTEM is easy to use and will allow you to maintain an inventory of the items you are bringing to the sale. You will be able to see exactly which of your items sold and how much you’ve earned at the close of the sale.

PLEASE NOTE: The online tagging system will close on SUNDAY, APRIL 9th, 2017 at 6am. At that time you will NOT be able to enter new items for tags, schedule drop-off appointments or volunteer shifts, make any changes etc. *** You will, however, be able to log-in to your account and PRINT any tags that were entered before the system shut off. ***

To access the online tagging system, you must be a REGISTERED CONSIGNOR who is registered for the SPRING 2017 SALE. Click here to Register.


After registering for the SPRING 2017 sale, follow the instructions below:

Click on “Work with consigned inventory” and follow the prompts to enter your tag info.

Click “I’m finished for now” when you are ready to exit the system.

(RETURNING CONSIGNORS: Please read about ACTIVE + INACTIVE inventory here.)

All CLOTHING items must have a minimum price of $2.00. (You may hang or bundle more than one item together to get to the $2.00 minimum if necessary.)
All OTHER ITEMS must have a minimum price of $1.00.

Price in whole-dollar increments only (for example, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00 $5.00).

*** Our most successful consignors price their items ‘TO SELL’!! ***
Visit our Pricing Guide for suggestions on how to price your items.

If you want the item to sell for 50% off during the 50% off sale, check the box next to “Check To Discount” (the words ‘DISCOUNT: YES’ will print above the price on discounted tags).

If you would like us to DONATE the item if it doesn’t sell, check the box next to “Check To Donate” (the words “Donate: Yes” will print in the left-hand corner of the tag if you would like the item donated). Please consider utilizing this option. We work with several great St Louis charities that would be thrilled to pass your unsold items on to children & families in need.

All unsold items (not marked to be ‘donated’) will be available for pick-up SATURDAY, APRIL 15th, between 4pm and 6pm. Items will *not* be sorted out by consignor number. See: Avoiding Pick-up Paranoia  🙂

**** NOTE: All items MUST be picked up during the designated pick-up hours. All items not picked up within the designated times become the property of The Stork Lady Kids Sale & will be donated. ***

All tags must include a FULL DESCRIPTION of the item.
Single word descriptions like: “toy” or “shirt” or “book” will not be accepted.
Include specific info like: brand, color, or how many pieces are included. Include anything that will help us determine which item goes with which tag.

YES: 2pc Ralph Lauren s/s shirt shorts boys blue green
NO: shirt + shorts

Handwritten info on tags will not be accepted/honored.

If you make any changes to your tag’s info in the online tagging system, you MUST reprint a new tag.

TAGS ARE CHECKED WHEN CUSTOMERS PAY FOR THEIR ITEMS. We will not sell an item that does not accurately match the description of its tag. This is for our consignor’s protection – please be specific in your tag descriptions!

Select a SIZE from the drop-down menu. For items with a size range – round up (ex: for preemie-3 months, use 3 months; for 3-6 months use 6 months; for sizes 7-8 use 8).  For items sized Small, Medium, Large, etc, use your best numeric estimate.

TO PRINT YOUR TAGS: Enter CTRL-P on your keyboard OR at the top left in the tag window, select: ‘File’ then ‘Print’. Tags will print 6 to a page.

Use white cardstock only (no lightweight copy paper – tags printed on plain copy paper tear & fall off very easily!)  Cardstock is available at Target, Wal-Mart, Big Lots, office supply stores, etc.

Visit our Preparing Items for Sale guidelines for info on attaching tags to your items.


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