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In order to participate as a volunteer at The Stork Lady sale, volunteers must agree to the following guidelines. Please understand that these guidelines have been created in an effort to maintain a high quality sale that meets the needs of our community

Volunteers must be age 18 or older.

Volunteers may not bring children with them while they work their volunteer shift(s).

Volunteers understand that volunteering is optional and is not required.

Volunteers understand that they are choosing to exchange their 4-hour work time in exchange for the privilege of shopping during the designated volunteer presale hours. If the volunteer is a consignor, they will also receive an additional percentage of their sales.

Volunteers can log-in to their account on The Stork Lady website to change or cancel their work shift at any time before the online system is disabled (for the SPRING 2017 event, the online volunteer system will be disabled on SATURDAY, APRIL 8th at 6:00pm).

If you can not attend or complete your work shift – you must send a comparable worker in your place: a spouse, parent, friend, etc. We are counting on you to fill the position you have committed to. Volunteers that do not fulfill their work shift obligations (by working their shift themselves or sending someone in their place) forfeit their right to participate as a volunteer with The Stork Lady in the future.

Volunteers must be on time and fulfill their entire work shift in order to receive the benefits and avoid the consequences of this volunteer agreement.



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