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When should I arrive for my work shift?
Please be prompt. Arrive a few minutes early and be ready to ‘spring into action’ when your shift starts. Another volunteer may be waiting for you to arrive so that they can turn their duties over to you. We are all counting on your prompt arrival to make the transition between work shifts as smooth as possible. (For those working the first shift of the day, the doors will be unlocked 5 minutes prior to the start of your work shift.)

What should I bring with me to my work shift?
We do not recommend that you bring anything of value into the sale building. Bring only those things that you need and can carry with you: cell phone, keys, etc. (Our Volunteer aprons do have large pockets which fit a cell phone & keys well.) We are unable to watch or secure your valuables.

You may want to bring a water bottle and small snack. There will be vending machines available for your use.  Please plan your regular meals for hours outside of your work shift. (If you have scheduled yourself for two shifts in a row, plan on taking a short break for lunch/dinner.)

What should I wear to my work shift?
Dress comfortably. Wear comfortable shoes, you will be on your feet! Volunteers working during actual sale hours will be asked to wear one of our blue aprons so that you are easily identified by shoppers.

What should I do when I arrive to work?
Head to the ‘info desk’ in the back of the room to ‘sign-in’ and await instruction.

Always be sure to ‘sign-in’ and ‘sign-out’ when you arrive and depart.
The sign-in sheets are what we use to verify that you did indeed complete your work shift(s).

What kind of work will I be doing?
After you sign-in you will receive your job assignment. Listen carefully and ask questions if anything is unclear.

If you are working BEFORE the sale starts, you will likely be helping us organize items as the consignors bring them to the sale site.
If you are working DURING the sale, you will likely be helping keep the sales area neat & organized and assisting customers.
If you are working AFTER the sale ends, you will likely be helping organize leftover items to be donated or to be picked up by consignors.

Can I shop during my work shift?
While this is tempting, we ask that you do not shop while working. We can not hold items for you. We are counting on you to concentrate on your work duties during your scheduled work shift. You are welcome to shop before or after your work shift.

Can I bring my children with me?
Please leave the kids at home when you come to fulfill your work obligation. We are unable to provide childcare and you will be unable to supervise your children well while working.

SUGGESTION: We have many volunteers that team up with a friend: One watches the kids while the other works a shift – and vice versa. Works out great and they each earn a pass so they can have fun shopping the presale together!

What if I can’t make my scheduled work shift?
If you can not attend or complete your work shift – you must send a comparable worker in your place: a spouse, parent, friend, etc. We are counting on you to fill the position you have committed to. Volunteers that do not fulfill their work shift obligations (by working their shift themselves or sending someone in their place) forfeit their right to participate as a volunteer with The Stork Lady in the future.

Please make back-up plans *now*, so that in the event you/your kids/your babysitter gets sick, you get called into work, the car breaks down, etc., you will have someone to send in your place at a moment’s notice (friends, husbands, moms & sisters are all acceptable substitutes for you!).

When committing to a work shift, please consider the benefits you are receiving in exchange for your work time, as well as the importance of following through. We are really depending on you! Thank you!!\

When will I get my wristband-passes for the Volunteer shopping night?

If you are a CONSIGNOR, you will receive your consignor AND volunteer wristband passes when you drop off your items for sale.

If you are NOT A CONSIGNOR, you will receive your volunteer wristband passes when you come to shop on Wednesday night.  They will be held for you at the entrance, under your name.

.We hope to make your work experience pleasant & enjoyable – while still getting the job done.

We look forward to having you join us!


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