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Please consider joining us as a volunteer!

How do we THANK our volunteers?


With an event of this size, we require lots of volunteers to help everything run smoothly.

Tasks volunteers are asked to help with may include: Setting up racks, sorting clothes, assisting shoppers, helping with check-out, etc.

  • Volunteers who work ONE 4-hour shift receive a pass to enter and shop the Volunteer Presale THIRD and earn 70% of their sold items.
    • Volunteers who work TWO 4-hour shifts receive a pass to enter and shop the Volunteer Presale SECOND and earn 75% of their sold items.
      • Volunteers who work THREE 4-hour shifts receive a pass to enter and shop the Volunteer Presale FIRST and earn 75% of their sold items.
  • ALL Volunteers also receive a pass to enter and shop the 50% off pre-sale one hour before we open to the public.

NOTE: Volunteers that do not fulfill their shift obligations (or send a comparable replacement (a husband, friend, etc) in their place) forfeit their right to participate as a volunteer in the future. When committing to a work shift, please consider the benefits you are receiving in exchange for your work time, as well as the importance of following through. We are really depending on you! Thank you!!

*** Please leave the kids at home when you come to fulfill your shift obligation. We are unable to provide childcare – and you won’t be in a position to supervise them while working.

SUGGESTION: We have many volunteers that team up with a friend: One watches the kids while the other works a shift – and vice versa. It works out great and they each earn a pass so they can have fun shopping the presale together!

A small number of “Super Volunteers” work a minimum of SIX 4-hour shifts and shop before the Volunteer Presale starts so they can staff the Volunteer Presale. (Super Volunteer program by invitation only.)


There are a limited number of volunteer “barter” opportunities available.

“Barter” work shifts are limited to one per consignor, per sales event – all other volunteer shifts must be worked at the sale location.

Barter options count as ONE 4-hour volunteer shift (occasional exceptions apply).

1. Printing services – Can you print flyers, postcards, banner, signs or t-shirts for us?

2. Generate media interest – Can you help with radio, TV or newspaper coverage? Can you put an ad or article in a community, subdivision, mom-group or company newsletter? Can you help us with “friends & family” discounted ad rates?

3. Postcard + Flyer distribution – Do you have an “in” somewhere family-friendly that you can distribute our flyers/postcards? Do you have access to a mom-group, preschool, daycare, doc office? Will your child’s school or daycare send home info with each family? Can you get a local family-friendly and/or fast food restaurant to distribute info to customers? Do you have a high-traffic business that can distribute info – or post a sign outside? Can you deliver postcards to various specified businesses in your area? Can you get our info posted online? Do you have an ‘in’ with a local blogger? * To complete this ‘barter’ you must get our information into 5 different sources. *

Email “Barter (at) StorkLady (dot) net” to discuss bartering options.

We love our volunteers – and would be happy to have you join our team!





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